Mr. Vishal Kamat's interview regarding rising growth of the hospitality industry over the past few years.

A brief interview of Mr. Vishal Kamat, Director - Kamat Group of Hotels for Bloomberg Quint on Hotel Industry trends.

Mr. Vishal Kamat On CNBC 18 News Channel with Nigel Dsouza.

Mr. Vishal Kamat CEO Kamat Hotels on CNBC Awaaz News Channel speaking about Supreme Court Verdict

Mr. Vishal Kamat talks about the revision in GST rates and the consequent price hike of commodities.

Mr. Vishal Kamat, CEO, Kamat Hotels || H-A-T Conference 2017

Mr. Vishal Kamat - Director of Kamat Group of Hotel On Leaders of Tomorrow Show on ET Now

An interview of Mr. Vishal Kamat - Director - Kamat Group of Hotels, talking about the competition between Food Apps and Restaurants.


Mr. Vishal Kamat - Director - Kamat Group of hotel's Interview on Times Now's Channel discussing and sharing his view on GST impactful for Industry and Hospitality.

Mr. Vishal Kamat - Director - Kamats Group Interview on in which Mr Pankaj has helped in giving an excellent overview of the issues hurting the Hospitality Industry while also looking at the positive opportunities.

Mr. Vishal Kamat, Director, Kamat Group of Hotels, speaks to CNBC Awaaz on the dynamic summer tourist season and how his hotels are prepared for it.

  • In an interview with CNBC-TV18, Mr. Vishal Kamat, Director - Kamat Group of Hotels,spoke about the latest happenings in his company and discussed FY18 business outlook.

Mr. Vishal Kamat, Director of Kamat Group puts forward his views about the liquor ban on highways in a live interview on India Today.

Vishal Kamat, Director - Kamat Group of Hotels, talks about the consequences of the demonetisation shock on the Hospitality and Wedding Markets with ET Now.

A brief Interview of Mr. Vishal Kamat, Director - Kamat Group of Hotels at Phillip Capital Conference talking about Hospitality and Tourism industry.

An interview given by Mr. Vishal Kamat regarding the fire outbreak in Mumbai.

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