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Lotus Resorts and Hotels is a well-established chain of luxury resorts and hotels managed by Kamat Hotels India Limited. The resorts and hotels have carved a niche in the hospitality industry by offering the best of hospitality and unprecedented services. Lotus Eco Resort in Konark, is the perfect getaway to spend some time on the silver sands of the Ramchandi Beach that is surrounded by lush greenery. One can witness the most incredible vistas of sunrise and sunset from the pristine beaches.

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Our resorts and hotels are ideally set in proximity to water bodies and lush greenery, offering guests moments of solitude, comfort and luxury. After all Lotus Resorts' concise motto is 'Chill. Still. Tranquil'. Lotus Beach Resort Goa offers an unforgettable experience - living close to a beach, feeling the sand between your toes while you sip on your drink and feeling the breeze that hits your face

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