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The chain of asset-light, experience-rich emotels presents a new paradigm in the hospitality industry. These emotels are designed to cater to a diverse range of travellers, including value-conscious backpackers, youth, and senior citizens. Unlike traditional hotels, they offer a unique blend of comfort and familiarity, making guests feel right at home. By operating with minimal staff and space requirements, these emotels are able to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the overall experience. Primarily targeting millennials aged 23-38, as well as young professionals, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals seeking a no-frills yet friendly space, the emotels provide a welcoming and affordable environment. Additionally, they appeal to backpacking tourists who are eager to explore new experiences and are willing to pay for them. Finally, the emotels also attract mature couples in the second stage of their lives, offering them a cosy and secluded retreat to relish their newfound freedom.