Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurants

Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurant is an esteemed and trusted vegetarian family restaurant chain with a dedicated staff at your service. With rich Indian spices and native ingredients, our restaurant promises unparalleled flavours of vegetarian cuisines and unmatched authenticity in every cuisine. The Kamat Hotels India Ltd. has an illustrious past and an even brighter future. They venture into diverse businesses in the hospitality segment. KHIL offers India's most popular and largest chain of vegetarian restaurants serving South Indian and Indian cuisine. Dr. Vithal Kamat's vision is to offer every family a safe and comfortable dining experience across the highways of India. 


Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurants - Konark Sun Temple

Our Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurant is strategically located in close proximity of the renowned heritage site, the Konark Sun Temple. The restaurant serves a variety of authentic Indian vegetarian snacks after a devotional day at the temple. With the prime focus on the quality and taste of delicacies, our restaurant satiates the taste buds of every traveller that visits the holy shrine.

Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurants - Puri

Vithal Kamat's Original Family Restaurant in Puri treats tourists with authentic Indian vegetarian delectables. The tastefully authentic flavours of vegetarian delicacies backed with hygiene are the prime forte of the restaurant. Savour tantalizing local cuisine and feast your palate with one of the best restaurants in Puri.

Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurants - Bhubaneswar

The Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurant in Bhuvaneshwar is a food paradise where pure vegetarian delicacies are handcrafted by our skilled chefs. Guests are treated to gourmet vegetarian dishes with delicious cuisines from across India. The restaurant's signature dishes that are prepared in the restaurant's kitchen are renowned for its authentic flavours, leaving your palate satiated after a long tiresome journey. 

Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurants - Andheri

Elevate your culinary journey to the next level, thanks to our very own restaurant, the Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurant located in Andheri that treats guests with delicious vegetarian dishes and flavourful beverages. Relish your meal with every sip of your favourite drink!

Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurants - Nashik

Enjoy the flavourful vegetarian delicacies of our Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurant in Nashik that offers eclectic vegetarian options coupled with the creative taste of Indian cuisines. With organic ingredients, sourced from the local market, we curate our mouth-watering dishes that complement every taste buds. 

Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurants - Manor

Experience exhilarating sweet and spicy cuisine for all vegetarian lovers. Vithal Kamat Original Family Restaurants in Manor offers a palette of Indian vegetarian menu featuring a full coarse meal, each crafted to perfection.  
Address:  Mumbai- Ahmedabad Highway, Village Saye, Manor.