Essential Tools Done Right

Email is where most work starts these days and where it eventually concludes. So it only makes sense to have it integrated with other components making up the overall context. Plan a meeting right from your email. Find a contact when composing your calendar event. Send an email from a team chat room. Edit a document right in the conversation where it’s been shared. Without leaving IceWarp interface.

Easy email composition

Compose emails right from a browser window. Use advanced options of intuitive and responsive composition dialog. There is a plenty of team collaboration features as well.

TeamChat integration

The game-changing feature. Now you can share any email with one or more of your TeamChat rooms. Even compose new ones with the help of your colleagues.

Outlook compatible

Email, Calendar, Contacts with such features as Color categories and HTML content can now be synced with Outlook.

Advanced security

Signature-based Kaspersky AntiVirus, online CYREN AntiSpam, and IceWarp Authenticator. Multi-layered security that meets the world’s most strict industry standards and current legislation.

Clever attachments 

SmartAttach streamlines sending large attachments such as videos or large presentations. It automatically uploads the large file to our cloud, including a link in the email body to download the file. So it gets delivered fast and doesn’t take up room in the recipient’s mailbox.